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All VerbumVeritum's Badges

VerbumVeritum has earned 8 badges!
  • Accepted Solutions
    Accepted Solutions
    Earned by 78
    Congratulations! You have successfully helped 5 Community Members and have been awarded this badge for your thoughtful and praise worthy answers.
  • Gold Accepted Solutions
    Gold Accepted Solutions
    Earned by 19
    Wow! You are truly committed to helping others and for that we would like to thank you with this golden token or our appreciation.
  • Pioneer
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 1,131
    Congratulations! You're a conversation starter.
  • Explorer
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 383
    You really are a smooth talker.  Thanks for initiating 10 conversations!
  • Sojourner
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 125
    You'll be famous here before you know it. You’ve started 20 conversations!
  • Voyager
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 2,639
    You’ve got the community spirit! Thanks for all of your replies.
  • Collaborator
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 843
    Thanks for keeping the conversation going!
  • Supervisor
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 327
    Wow, you're on fire. You've posted 40 replies!