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All Jamess467's Badges

Jamess467 has earned 9 badges!
  • Accepted Solutions
    Accepted Solutions
    Earned by 79
    Congratulations! You have successfully helped 5 Community Members and have been awarded this badge for your thoughtful and praise worthy answers.
  • Samsung Community-1st Birthday
    Samsung Community-1st Birthday
    Earned by 120,606
    It's our first birthday! Thank you for being a part of our Samsung Community. Be sure to check out the festivities in the birthday board!
  • Galaxy Unpacked 2017
    Galaxy Unpacked 2017
    Earned by 717,909
    Samsung is unpacking its newest flagship device! Celebrate with this commemorative badge and check out our Galaxy Unpacked board for more.
  • Pioneer
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 1,134
    Congratulations! You're a conversation starter.
  • Explorer
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 383
    You really are a smooth talker.  Thanks for initiating 10 conversations!
  • Sojourner
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 125
    You'll be famous here before you know it. You’ve started 20 conversations!
  • Voyager
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 2,654
    You’ve got the community spirit! Thanks for all of your replies.
  • Collaborator
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 849
    Thanks for keeping the conversation going!
  • Supervisor
    2 weeks ago
    Earned by 328
    Wow, you're on fire. You've posted 40 replies!