NOTE 5 unstable Battery


NOTE 5 unstable Battery

After the last update battery is unstable, goes from 90% full charged to 0 in 10'30 mins. Even when not usung it


When off & charging it shows certain % when turn on it shows different battery %


It sucks not having a reliable phone. Nor interested in changing phone every 2 yrs

Samsung Moderator

Re: NOTE 5 unstable Battery

Hello @userOGjO3Wavgq

We've noticed several random concerns with the new update. We want to be sure that all these get fixed up as soon as possible! To help our developers and bug fixers find all of these, I ask that you post this again on this thread here:
That will place all of these concerns in one place and make it much easier not only to talk to each other but to have those that need to see all of these find them faster! Thanks.  Smiley Happy

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