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E-waste & black shadow on tv

(Topic created: 12-01-2021 08:11 PM)
4K, 8K and Other TVs
6 in vertical shadow spanning top to bottom on my family member's TV. Not even 2 yrs old. Will try a local repair shop.

What's really frustrating is these issues are causing more environmental waste. Its awful & unnecessary--The communities & people affected by factories creating these parts & plastics & those communities with trash littering their front or back yards.

Circular economies reduce waste & help our environment & people. Also, training & valuing repair workers--you telling me we don't have smart people who can fix this? Let's start valuing these services & build this workforce! We have the Right to Repair Act moving towards this.

These big companies don't care about anyone or anything. Yet our kids & grandkids are going to carry the burden of all our wasteful practices. This mentality of 'Welp just tear down more land for a landfill, wait til all the stuff that doesn't get recycled litters our oceans. Not my problem; just throw it away mentality' is disgusting. 

Please everyone, try to find ways to lessen your impact in other ways!

Samsung!!! DO YOUR PART!!!
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