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Screen Size Issue

(Topic created: 12-04-2021 04:27 PM)
4K, 8K and Other TVs

I think I may have posted this in the wrong group earlier. So, I will try again in this group. We have a new 50" Q8oAQLED 4K Smart TV. Our Spectrum cable box is hooked up to HDMI 1 and nothing else is attached to the television at this time. The picture is great, except for the fact that it is cutting words, etc. off on both the right and left sides. I went into picture in the settings and mine is on 16:9 standard. If I change to the 4:3 setting it blackens part of the left and right sides of the screen making a smaller viewing area, but the cut off issue remains. It says that "fit to screen" is not available. In custom it shows +0 +0 % for all screens in the "zoom & position" screen. I don't know if changing those settings would help and have no idea how to decide what they should be. I would appreciate any help/suggestions anyone can give me.

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