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Android Auto on Android 12 constant disconnects

(Topic created: 11-29-2021 06:51 AM)
Android 12
I have a pixel 6 pro in addition to the note 20 ultra. Going to have the note 20 be my work phone. 

Anyway, using the pixel 6 pro with Android Auto, I get constant disconnects from the car's head unit. My Samsung, with Android 11 still works fine though. There are a number of complaints about this on the Google forums and I do have a case opened with them.

Is there anyone testing Android 12 on their Samsung devices having this issue?
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Cosmic Ray
Android 12

I’m having problem with my Samsung S21 5G connecting to Android Auto with the USB cable the phone constantly connects & disconnects every couple of seconds, I thought perhaps was a bad cable but now have tried three different ones same problem, connecting with Bluetooth works fine this started about two weeks ago when phone was updated to One UI 4.0 & Android 12.