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Is the Z Fold 4 worth it over the S22 Ultra?

(Topic created: 11-23-2022 07:39 AM)
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Hey guys! 
 Actually I'm looking to buy a new phone for my sister and have been checking for the options. Is Z Fold 4 worth it over S22 Ultra? 
Also, open for any other flagship smartphone too
Your suggestions are welcomed 
As I just arrived in USA and not familiar with offers and deals going on, if you could mention any Thanksgiving offers live would be great!
Thanks in advance! 


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If your sister isn't a very techy person I would NOT under ANY circumstances get her a fold.

While they are more durable than previous generations I wouldt give it to someone unless, like i said, they are very techy. There are many concerns with dust/dirt along with the risk of the folding screen failing. That would just cause a headache for her. Between the the two, S22 Ultra would be a much better but imo

**Edit** also forgot to add that depending on where you live it could be extremely difficult/impossible to get parts for it to be repaired if it broke. Also, the inner display can be scratched by fingernails, so if she likes to have longer nails like some woman that could be a nightmare.

The fold isn't ready for the average consumer yet (I'm just assuming she is since ur buying her phone but correct me if I'm wrong.) Having to explain that her nails can scratch the inside screen, to make sure and keep it away from dust and dirt etc, would be frustrating. The average person just wants a reliable phone which the S22 Ultra is, whereas with the fold you'll have to be more careful with. Like I said for techy people it's great, but the average consumer would probably just find it frustrating
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@InventingWheels First of all let me say that there is nothing "techy" about the Fold 4. It operates the same as the S22 Ultra except it unfolds and offers the convenience of a bigger screen.

The differences between the Fold 4 and S22 Ultra can be boiled down to a few bullet points. 

  • Cameras - The Fold 4 has great cameras but the S22 Ultra has cameras with more zoom. 
  • Size - When folded the outer screen (and phone) are narrower than the S22 Ultra and make it much more convenient for a pocket or small purse. 
  • S Pen - The S Pen has a dedicated slot inside the S22 Ultra. For the Fold you can carry it separately or get one of several cases which offer a slot for the S Pen. Also the S Pen only works with the inside (bigger) screen of the Fold 4. 
  • Big screen - The Fold 4 offers the ultra convenience of changing to a mini-tablet size when you are watching content, playing games, or multi-tasking. All of these operations are available on the outside screen but (of course) at a smaller size. 

I moved from a Fold 3 to a Fold 4. I have had zero problems with the phone. The folding mechanism is unique and so useful. 

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It really depends on what your sister's use case is. That being said, I'd argue the Fold 4 is the better phone. First, the chipset is better. It is more efficient, and delivers more performance. However, if cameras are a priority, the S22U has way better cameras. Honestly, you can't go wrong either way, they're both beasts!