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How to make ringtone go off from phone also when connected to Bluetooth headset?

(Topic created: 08-11-2022 06:31 AM)
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Hello, I recently misplaced my phone. 

The phone rang through to my Bluetooth headset but not on the phone itself even after I shut off my headset.
Is there a way to setup my phone to ring out loud when I have the Bluetooth activated on the phone? Can I set up my phone to flash?
Luckily I found my phone.
Thanks in advance for your help. 
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I have also faced the same issue on my Samsung Note 10+. When the incoming call comes, the sound is coming from only headset and not from the phone speaker. On the other hand, alarms also working the same way. I can listen the alarm sound on earphones but not on device speaker, who will put earphones while sleeping just to listen to the alarms? this issue is occuring only when bluetooth is connected, looking forward to fix the issue, thank you.



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Device settings>biometrics and security>find my phone
This will allow you to track location, lock or ring your device to find it.