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How do I set the MNC setting for the t-mobile profile to 260?

(Topic created: 04-16-2022 12:32 PM)
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I'm trying to reconfigure my phone, which was a Verizon phone for Consumer cellular. I purchased it new and unlocked two years ago from Sears, and it worked with the A&T settings, but two weeks ago I lost voice calls, but the internet works with mobile data and I can send texts.

I tried to switch to the T-mobile settings and I get voice but no internet (without wifi).

I think the problem is that I can't seem to change the MNC setting from 410 to 260. It either deletes the APN profile or it refuses to change the item.

How do I set the MNC setting for the t-mobile profile to 260?

Here is Consumer Cellular's website on APN settings.



Again, if I change MNC from 410 to 260, it just deletes the profile when I hit "save", or it doesn't register the changes and leaves it at 410.

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Galaxy S Phones
I noticed apn didn't work like it used to.... there's an app apn, changer app in galaxy store where it can get the app settings to change . Hope this helps . 🙏 it's all I could get to work