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S20+ not updating?

(Topic created: 12-01-2021 09:12 PM)
Galaxy S20

someone's message.

Hi Team,

I have received my Samsung S20 plus mobile today.

I tried to download the Software Update , but there is no progress, i have tried multiple times restarting my mobile, Descargar Whatsapp Plus 2022 but still the update is not downloaded. I'm using the WIFI option to download the updates.

Initially it showed like ~6 mins, now its showing as 12:28:19. Please help me to resolve this case ASAP.

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Galaxy S20

I don't think the A12/UI4 update is out for the S20's yet... also, I wouldn't be so excited to jump in on the A12/UI4 train due to all the issues people with S21 are facing. I'd rather wait and be patient 'til the end of December if I was in your position.