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Samsung Pass problem "wrong pin"

(Topic created: 08-10-2022 07:14 AM)
Galaxy S20


I am using a Samsung S20+ phone. I added fingerprint to the security and used it to log into the bank app.

Recently I had to remove the lock screen and fingerprints to be able to unlock the phone faster because of work.

Now that that is finished, I added my fingerprints again and when I try to log into the bank using fingerprint it shows the WRONG PIN. When I type the pin manually it works nicely. I tried clearing the cache and deleting data from Samsung Pass from the website but the Pin stuck in the bank app won't remove. How can I enter Samsung Pass passwords and change the pin to a normal one. Deleting the bank app and reinstalling it would need 30 days since they are slow and need a ton of documents.

Can anyone help me.


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