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Samsung keyboard dictation with "is"

(Topic created: 08-08-2022 08:56 AM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S20
My comment is on the Samsung Keyboard. I am dictating everything I say using their microphone. Someone finally made a correction to quit adding The word Is" When it is never said, Either at the beginning of the sentence or in the middle of the sentence, and is and is now self-deleting it but then it is turning around and capitalizing the next word even though it's in the middle of a sentence. Can Samsung not fix that? Can't Samsung detect when "Is" is added in the middle of the sentence so it doesn't auto capitalize the next word? And by the way COME AND and you can see how many times it is still I'LL TALK capitalizing words In the middle of sentences and you ALL COAST also can see that it is repeating words. It also auto inserted "I'LL TALK" and "ALL COAST" Is that I never said. Plus it is still inserting the word "Is." And that "come and" is supposed to be a comma, which is quite regular which is quite regular when I dictate using my Samsung keyboard. And as you can see how it is repeating multiple words at a time period it even takes 2 words and leaves them in the sentence and then takes 2 of those words next to each other and combines part of the 2 words into one word!
 It doesn't help to use send Feedback because IT'S SAFEEDBACK BECAUSE it seems to be a robot that seems to send the same reply for us to make sure that Box is JACK APPEARED itA IS always checked but they still continue to send that same answer.so it doesn't help to use Feedback because IT'S SAFEEDBACK BUT CALLS it seems to be a robot that seems to send the same reply to make sure that Box is JACK APPEARED IT IS always checked but they still continue to sat That Box isn't checked Even though it was checked so I can't send my feedback there. And it even spelled out the word period instead of inserting a period at the end of a sentence. I am weary of the Samsung Samsung keyboard but even when I use the Google keyboard COVER it still seems to be controlled by I AM WEARY OF THE SAMSUNG SAMSUNG KEYBOARD BUT EVEN WHEN I USE THE GOOGLE GBOARD COVER IT STILL SEEMS TO BE CONTROLLED BY the Samsung spell checker. I did not say the word cover! I and weary of all the time I am having to spend making corrections when I dictate with either keyboard. Is anybody else having this problem. Surely it can't just be me.


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Galaxy S20
I have been having this issue as well with the latest update that was installed Monday.