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RTT feature will not stay "Off"

(Topic created: 07-28-2022 02:47 PM)
Cosmic Ray
Galaxy S21

Dear Samsung,  I sure would appreciate it if you would do some user surveys before you arbitrary add "features" to our phones via software update.  Recently you have decided to make text messages show up in the call logs.  Yes, I can turn it off but it will not STAY off.  I had to upgrade my phone to get rid of the VERY bothersome RTT "feature" that you would never give me a means to remove.  It is very difficult to believe there are more hearing impaired Samsung cell users than those without the handicap.  Since I do not know a way to revert to a previous software version I suppose I will have to live with the text messages showing up with phone calls.  My first Samsung cell phone was a Galaxy S-4.  I have stuck with the brand because I like the phones.  Am I going to have to purchase an iPhone to keep from getting things forced on me?


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Black Hole
Galaxy S21
What update you get. I don't have texts on my call logs
You can turn off the RTT feature
Iphone doesn't force stuff but doesn't give you stuff. What you get is what you get