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Horrible customer service - Galaxy Watch 3

(Topic created: 05-26-2022 12:41 PM)
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My galaxy 3 watch now needs its 3rd repair. I requested a refund since my watch is still under warranty and I'm tired of dealing with getting it fixed. Samsung customer service wants to send me a 'new' watch (of the same model) but the warranty will not be extended. What good does this do me for a product that's proven it won't hold up a year. I got this watch because I was fed up with Fitbit for the same issues - not standing behind their product. My Samsung watch has had constant issues now requiring a 3rd service and no extension of warranties. If you expect to make this issue better by sending me a 'new' watch it should be the newest model and the warranty should be extended with the new watch. Otherwise, you're communicating you don't believe in your product and my time and hassle isn't worth anything. THREE major issues in less than a year shouldn't happen. Stand behind your product and refund my money or send me the newest model with a new warranty. Anything less is just bad customer service. 

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Black Hole
Galaxy Watch
Anything can happen and there are devices that do fail. I own 2018 Galaxy Watch and still use it. After about 9 months into the warranty the back (top) button stopped functioning and I couldn't initiate a repair on the web and had to contact Samsung to get it fixed. I decided not to get involved into this and just let it be. Button still doesn't work but I have learned to not need it. I personally stay away from customer service and tech support - most of them are nothing but a headache. Anyway after a warranty period expires we are on our own.

As for you: take the new Watch, sell it if you don't want it. Buy what you think is good and worth it to you.