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How to fix issue with new Samsung Smart Tv TU7000 60" model

(Topic created: 11-29-2021 08:46 AM)
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I just got it a few days ago, it has two HDMI ports the first one is a regular HDMI port in the second one is an E-ARC HDMI port which I know is when you can use to hook up something like a soundbar through HDMI but it should also work for a cable box or a satellite genie box and that's what I have hooked up to it and I have my Roku stick in my first HDMI port, I did have it vice versa and then I changed him around to see if that would stop the problem.. anyway when I power off my TV around 5 minutes later it comes back on a blue screen saying something like check device connection and so I did that... With that being said the entire time I had the TV on everything I had hooked up to it work fine as far as my Roku and my DirecTV so there was no problem... Then the first night I had it I noticed when I went to bed that the blue screen popped up after I powered it off and so it wasn't recognizing my DirecTV so I went into edit and I gave it a name and thought that would fix the problem well last night it did the same exact thing.. powered it off went to bed 5 minutes later the blue screen popped up saying check device connection.... I just don't know why the **bleep** they would have your TV powering on after you powered it off does anyone know how to fix this problem??? I've only had the TV for a couple of days so I've only turned it off twice after the first time I thought I fixed a problem so I didn't really troubleshoot after that and I haven't done much trouble shooting since because now I don't really have the time at the moment so if anyone knows exactly how to fix this problem to keep me from having to go in through that process I would really appreciate it, thank you
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