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Samsung Soundbar Q70R two audio stutters when switching to dolby atmos

(Topic created: 09-11-2021 02:25 AM)
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Hello 🙂

I have a problem with my Samsung HW-Q70R soundbar. My Apple TV 4K is directly plugged into the Soundbar (HDMI in) and the Soundbar is then plugged into HDMI 2 (eARC) port of my Samsung GQ55Q60T TV.

Every time I start playing Atmos content on my Apple TV, the Soundbar is switching to Dolby Atmos (it is also shown on the little display), but then there are two little audio drops/stutters during the first seconds of a movie or song in Atmos. I recorded a 9-sec-video to show that: https://www.dropbox.com/s/j6wt7vke8fegk9d/5C94FD04-7E97-4358-8E79-30C71E62CEEE_2_0_a.mov?dl=0

The weird thing is: when my Apple TV is plugged directly into the TV and the Soundbar is connected with eARC, the Audio stutters don't happen when switching to Atmos. They only occur when the Apple TV is directly plugged into the Soundbar. But I have to plug it directly into the soundbar, because otherwise I am getting. severe lip sync issue (which are reported very often here in the community) with audio delay from 60ms to 150ms depending on the content. So the only way that worked for me to have synced audio is by plugging the Apple TV directly into the Soundbar and not into the TV. But using this way, I get these mysterious two audio stutters when the soundbar is switching to Atmos. It only happens when playing Atmos content. I also have the SWA-8500S rear speakers connected to my soundbar.

I double checked all settings, spent hours on googling about this issue and changing every setting possible (in Apple TV, Soundbar and TV). Also I'm having the latest software updates installed on every device. 

Is anybody else experiencing this problem or is this a (hardware/software) issue only with my Soundbar? Do you know a workaround or anything other that I can try? As I said, plugging the Apple TV into the TV is not an option, as I constantly get that out of sync audio, that is not fixable.

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