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Monitors and Memory

Hi guys,

I was having a problem installing the driver for a new 970 EVO plus 1TB NVMe drive and here is how I solved it.

#1 - make sure that the drive was properly seated on the motherboard. Mine was not, even though it allowed Windows 10 to be installed on it.

#2 - go to Samsung's website and down the FIRMWARE for your specific drive. This is an ISO IMAGE file so it cannot be run via an exe command because it has none. Just leave it in the download folder.

#3 - while at the website, download also the NVMe driver that is there. There is only one driver , which works for ALL the various NVMe drives, because it is the specific FIRMWARE that makes the difference.

#4 - install the NVMe driver now. You will be surprised to see that it will install without any fuss. Most of us made the mistake of trying to update from the Microsoft one via Device manager. That will never work.

#5 - fire up Samsung Magician again. Now, when you check the driver details, you will see that the Samsung driver has replace the Microsoft one that came with Windows 10.

I hope that these procedures will work for you as they did for me.

Stay safe.




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