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Notifications on Note 20 and Watch 4 Classic stopped working

(Topic created: 06-26-2022 09:46 AM)

When I first got my watch several things happened that I came to like and rely on:

my watch would make a pinging sounds when I got new message on my phone, my phone would ring when I had an incoming phone call, and my phone would ring when I made an outgoing phone calls.  Additionally, my hearing aids, which are connected via Bluetooth to my phone would also make sounds when using the phone.  I hear via the hearing aids all audio from the phone.   

All of the above has stopped.  I have not a clue how to reactivate those sounds/notifications.  And I'm lost when it comes to figuring out the maze one needs to go through to make these things work again.  Is there any kind of default mechanism that will allow me to simply go back to where I was when I first started using my watch with my phone?  Otherwise, what are all the options on the watch and phone that I have to consider changing in order to get back to default?  Thanks.


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