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Visual Voicemail setup on A03s "Cannot setup SIM at this time, try again later"?

(Topic created: 11-23-2022 01:46 PM)
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I got a new galaxy AO3S thru TracFone.  I need visual voicemail, which worked on my old phone, (A blu-brand **bleep** phone) but visual voicemail will not setup on the new phone.  My voicemail account is setup and working, as the greeting and settings were still as I set them using the old phone, long ago.  

The voicemail app that came with this phone keeps giving error, CANNOT SETUP SIM AT THIS TIME, PLEASE TRY LATER. There's a phone number provided for support, but when I call it, it's for Verizon users only, so doesn't do me any good, and prompted me to call my service provider.
I called TracFone for troubleshooting, but they are absolutely useless when it comes to tech support. (You'd get better practical applications out of **bleep** on a lawnmower, or a spigot on a jackhammer.). I was told by tracfone support, in broken English, that this phone doesn't support visual voicemail, which seems wrong, as galaxy ao3s clearly supports visual voicemail for other service providers, and TracFone definitely allows visual voicemail -- my old (BLU), brand (**bleep**), using TracFone as my service provider definitely supported visual voicemail.
Every help article I can find recommends going to my phone app, and click the visual voicemail icon, however no such icon exists on this phone. 
What I really need help with is figuring out where I can go for technical support, to setup visual voicemail on my new (galaxy AO3S / model # SM-S134DL). I'm usually pretty good at this sort of thing, and I frankly cannot stand using voicemail without the app, as it's so cumbersome and time consuming.
I appreciate any help or suggestions in advance.


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I have had that same problem since I purchased my s22 plus and have spent hours on the phone with my carriers while they try their best to help me fix the issue so it's definitely not a carriers problem it's a Samsung issue