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55" qled series 6 TV

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QLED and The Frame

Attention:  Samsung Nation

I will make this as brief and concise as possible.  Our above described TV had the black screen of death on September 2, 2021. Our tv was still under warranty and we contacted Samsung.  It took time to talk to someone and get a claim number....the first of 12 claim numbers that kept getting cancelled.  We complied with their request for a picture of our serial number on the back of the TV sending via text.  A vendor came to our house to tell us it was broken.  A week later came back with a defective part and then took the tv to Illinois to the shop.  We only found out later this was not good and we were supposed to retain unit.  Upon numerous texts and hours spent on the phone, we got the unit back, signed an agreement, took another picture when our tv was returned and we had to arrange to have it picked up and returned to Samsung.  We have 25 texts on our phone from Samsung and countless phone hours.   I said I would make this short...FINALLY we received a check from Samsung November 13, 2021. I don't know about you, but this is NOT QUALITY CUSTOMER SERVICE.  Although all the operators were nice, there was a lot of run around, miscommunication due to my inability to understand the operator.  ALL IN ALL, SHOULD IT TAKE 3 MONTHS TO FINALLY REACH A RESOLUTION?  This is not the IRS.

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