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ESPN App won't work on my Samsung QN55Q60AAFXZA TV

(Topic created: 12-01-2021 03:20 PM)
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I recently bought a QN55Q60AAFXZA Smart TV and downloaded numerous apps to the TV.  Most of the apps work great, but the ESPN app does not work.  The app will open, but when I try to stream a video, it  does not work (error says "cannot load video, if issue persists please call support".  I can get the video to stream about 1 out of every 20 times I try.  I know it isn't my internet or the app because I have an XBOX connected to the TV and the ESPN app works just fine on the XBOX.  I have tried all the recommended steps to get the App to work, but none of them solve the problem.

Cold Boot

Delete the app and reload the app

Disconnect from service provided and re-enter service provided

Reset Smart Hub

I called Samsung support, and they had no idea what else to try.  I watch a lot of ESPN, so if I can't get this resolved, it looks like the TV will get returned and I will go with a different brand of smart TV.  I always liked Samsung, but this is very frustrating quality. 

Does anyone have any suggestions before I return the TV?

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QLED and The Frame
Unfortunately, I've had a similar problem using the YouTube TV app that comes Pre-installed on my TV. I did exactly what you did to try and resolve the problem, to no avail. Samsung was of no help.