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Samsung dropped DTS support

(Topic created: 11-15-2021 07:05 AM)
QLED and The Frame

Hello. I just realized Samsung dropped support for DTS audio in their 4k QLED TVs. I upgraded a high end 1080p projector to a Q70A 85" tv in order to go for the 4k video world. I have a lot o UHD BD disk in 4k and DTS 5.1 sound. And for me, the DTS is far better than DD. Why does Somsung dropped DTS? The DTS royalty was to expensive? People don't care about good quality sound? I have an old AV Receiver that do not manage HDR, so I do need to connect my BD to the TV directly and planned to pass through the DTS sound to the receiver using ARC HDMI. Would Samsung upgrade firmware to support DTS in a near future? 




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