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Uploading more than 1000 photos at a time on a Frame TV

(Topic created: 12-01-2021 01:21 AM)
QLED and The Frame

As an enhancement to the current capability of the Frame TV, I would like to see a way to upload more than 1000 photos at a time.  If I use the Select All feature when uploading it only grabs 1000 images to upload.  I can do this a second time and get 1000 images uploaded again, but I have no idea if those are the same 1000 photos as before or not.  Ideally, the unit would be able to display images from the USB stick without uploading.  This would solve the issue with the limited storage space on the TV.  I was told prior to purchasing the TV that randomly rotating through my approximately 9000 photos on a USB stick would be possible.  It turns out this is not the case.

Is there anyway to hear back from the developers as to if this capability can be added?  If I can't get some sort of assurance that it will be added in an upcoming update, I will have to return the TV.

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QLED and The Frame

Thank you Ken6432.  As a new owner of two Frames I completely agree.  There are several issues with The Frame that are related to your insightful post.  I hope someone from Samsung can respond and take action, as a high end product like this should not have these barriers.

a)  My workaround for the 1000 picture limit was to load up a USB drive with under 1000 images at a time, upload, erase, add another 1000 and upload again.  Silly workaround, but not the worst I have dealt with. I never thought of that until I read your post, thank you.  Still, it would be nice if Samsung could lift that limit.  As a side note, if any of the files are either the wrong format (movie) or too high a resolution (pano) the upload simply fails.  It would be nice if Samsung gave you the choice of uploading the compliant files instead of forcing you back to try and figure out which files failed and why.

b)  The limitation of 6 gig of available upload space on an otherwise empty Frame is low.  I can buy a 128 gig usb drive for $15 from Amazon.  I would guess that Samsung could have added 128 gig to the Frame for a cost to them of under $5.  The fact that Samsung only gives 6 gig of RAM is inexplicably cheap and short sighted.  That said...

c)  Samsung should absolutely allow users to play a random slideshow directly from a USB drive of any size if they are too cheap to give buyers more RAM.  Currently you can only upload from the USB port, not play from it.

d)  I have posted separately on this site about the ridiculous minimum display time of 3 minutes.  That might make sense if you are cycling art, but not for photos.  If we had the ability to load 5,000+ photos either with more RAM on the Frame or from the USB drive directly, we should be able to specify shorter photo change times.  Google's minimum is 5 seconds.   

While I strongly prefer the sleep mode (motion detector) of Art Mode and the beautiful matte effects, I have been forced to use a Chromecast Ultra on an HDMI port on the Frame and use Google's Ambient Mode with a Google Photos slideshow to overcome the dual Frame problems of undercapacity and slow photo changes.  it would be nice if Samsung could do a firmware upgrade to allow for (a) slideshows direct from a USB drive and (b) faster change times on slideshows.