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Default Calendar is Amazing

(Topic created: 10-05-2022 03:40 PM)
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I was looking for a calendar that could keep track of my monthly work schedule. I searched places like the Apple App store (for iPad) and the best I could find was GoodNotes 5; Which is a wonderful app but not what I am looking for.  

Over the past two months, I've been placing scheduled things into my Samsung Calendar app via a keyboard on my Samsung s22 Ultra, that's nothing special, the special thing about this app is the handwriting aspect that came with the stylus.  In the month view option, there is an icon of a pen with a line under it to indicate writing. I tapped on it with my pen to see what would happen to discover that I could write in the boxes like an old high school planner.  At first, I thought it was just going to save it as a screenshot, but it turns out it's better and save the handwriting on the month view. The writing options are pleasant to work with as well. With the color palettes to the different pens and pencils with opacity sliders.  You can scribble all over the thing and STILL have your blocked-out planned dates.  I know this sounds simple but just having those digital blocked dates remain intact and synced to my Google Cal and Apple calendar has been truly wonderful.  It is nice to have a device that I tend to always have on my person have such versatility that enables productivity. 

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