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Not happy I can't use my SD Card for apps on my Galaxy Tab 7

(Topic created: 07-09-2021 04:19 PM)

I have been buying Samsung tablets since the very beginning and have a voided buying any other brand but I have to admit I am very upset with the fact that I cannot use my SD card for the apps! This should have been advertised and made clear to Consumers whereas a person can choose to buy a tablet with a higher gigabyte or go to another company. Consumers should be given a choice and given the proper information in order to make an educated decision! Samsung is very deceptive! Unless I see an update fixing this issue I will be changing my preference from Samsung to anything else including my phones 

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Cosmic Ray
This is not a samsung issue. App developers and Google can decide whether their app is transferable to an SD card. Some can some can't. It's not deceptive marketing just the way the apps are designed.