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SMT290 8.0 Tab A stuck updateing

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One if my devices is a TabA 8.0 SMT290.

It is stuck on 25% updating. I don't know what else to do. Pressing power button takes me to the home screen (Samsung), then it shows me the updating percentage screen. Several days now, stuck at 25%. 

  What can I do to get this fixed? One of my sons really needs this tablet for speech assistant software use. I really need to try get it, to finish its updating (hopefully) and be of use again.


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Samsung Moderator
Samsung Moderator

Oh no! I understand how frustrating that can be and would advise doing a factory reset of the device if you are not able to manually turn it off and back on past the update screen. You can press and hold the Vol Up + Home + Power all three at the same time and it will take you to the Android Recovery page to Factory Reset. You will continue to hold these buttons down until you see the (REBOOT system now) on screen. Once in this menu, you may remove the buttons. Volume up and down will move the cursor and power will make your selection. You will want to choose Wipe data/Factory reset. On the next screen, you will select yes to confirm the wipe. The tablet will then power itself off then back on. Once it powers on you will see the initial setup screen.


>Please be advised before completing this step that all information will be wiped from the tablet if not previously backed up. When turning the tablet on after this process you begin at the welcome screen as if you purchased a new tablet.

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