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Samsung Internet Galaxy Tab Address Bar Bottom?

(Topic created: 12-08-2022 03:02 AM)
I love the Samsung Internet app. The Ad Blockers, layout customization, especially on the Galaxy phone version. I seriously love that we can put the address bar on the bottom of the screen rather than on the top. That is hands down my favorite feature that puts Samsung Internet above all other mobile browsers.

But how is that feature not included on the Gakaxy tab version as well??
The tablet screens are MASSIVE, which is amazing, but trying to use this thing with both hands is ridiculous. I can almost never use it unless it's laying flat on my lap or propped up on a table. Otherwise I'm doing yoga poses with my fingers trying to reach the top/middle of the screen!

Where can we make suggestions or something for them to include this feature on the Galaxy Tab version as well?
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You can post ideas in this community. Moderators in the past have forwarded the ideas to the engineering team.