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Android 14 Camera app: did you do anything during the beta!? All the issues are still there.

(Topic created: 10-30-2023 12:41 AM)
  1. You still hide the other camera modules if the main one is set to a high resolution, this is wasting so much time when switching through the camera modules having to switch down to 12 MP , change the camera, switch back, get the resolution up again. 
  2. There is still not object tracking AF in 50MP mode.
  3. Still no burst mode in 50MP.
  4. Still no savable shutter speed presets like in ExpertRAW.
  5. Still no eye detect AF.
  6. Still no shutterspeed limit for action in not evenly lit situations.
  7. Min selectable ISO in ProMode is still 50 while 10 gives the best details.
  8. Still no 200MP mode with manual settings (heic/jpg, does not have to be raw)
  9. Probably the issue that sometimes a jpg is stored instead of a dng is also unfixed?

What have you been doing all these months?



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Oh no
Were these features stated somewhere by Samsung, or reported over the course of the 9 beta releases?

Is this a wish list?
Agree that it is a good one!

Not much attention to the camera software seemed to have been a part of One UI6 just some post editing features that sound really nice, but only if the software is working up to the capacity of the hardware when taking the photos. It clearly is not and actually, many have reported has gotten WORSE than One UI 5. Why did it not at least stay on par?

Out of everything said and done with One UI6, camera software is a #FAIL!

Maybe more will be done post official release?
Cameras were one of the big reasons people upgraded to the S23U. I know it was for me.

Going in reverse for the quality of photos is just not right.

Is Samsung just trying to sell more S24U's?

No, not until they fix the S23U and make good on what was advertised. Hold the line!
Yeah, ive been on them from the get. I bought mine because of the camera which worked great in oneui5 but they dont plan to do anything more to the camera till a later project im told but maybe since everyone with the s23u has been complaining about the degrade in camera quality especially videos they'll look into it after official releases have been released. I have noticed that turning off auto FPS for videos has made improvements with lowlight videos and daytime video jittering. Auto fps is supposed to help with low light videos but it actually made it worse. Try turning that off and see if it makes videos a bit better. 💪🖖
Samsung should have this down by now. Let's go!
Cosmic Ray

The wishlist is here:

And Samsung has been told multiple times over the year about the issues (members app) and it has been posted in the local beta group.

The issue with the missing dng file was even verifiable in the log file.


If they keep this interface it will be even more annoying on the S24u when you have two highres cameras and you need to lower the resolution on booth to be able to switch.

current setup:
1. switch back from 50MP to 12MP
2. camera modules are shown, select telecamera
3. switch from 12MP to 50MP
4. take photo with 50MP telecamera
5. switch back from 50MP to 12MP
6. camera modules appear, select main camera
7. oh the subject is gone too bad

instead of not hiding camera modules when highres is selected:
1: select telephoto camera at 50MP
2: take photo with telecamera at 50MP
3: select main camera at 50MP
4: take photo with 50MP


Thanks, I will try.

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