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Garmin Watch 5 Pro Warranty

(Topic created: 3 weeks ago)

Do not think that the Watch 5 Pro is equivalent to or a competitor to the Garmin adventure watches. I had to do a warranty return of my watch to Tmobile after a month of calling Samsung and Tmobile for troubleshooting of a series of issues from answering calls to the watch making spurious emergency calls. The first questions from Samsung were "did you drop the watch and did you swim with the watch"? Strange questions and I answered that no, I did not drop and yes, I did swim. Samsung then tried during 2 of my calls to ask me to exchange the 5 pro for a watch 6 series and that I'd receive $200 trade in- for a new watch that costs $450. Horrible. After exhausting all troubleshooting (the watch was now over 30 days old but now not eligible for  a straight exchange not under warranty) Tmobile processed a warranty exchange warning me that if there was physical damage including water damage that I'd owe another $250 for the exchange. Dear God. I only wish I had stayed with Garmin. I know I will now have another "phone" on my wrist, but it's certainly not worth running or swimming with this delicate beauty. And Samsung should be forced to advertise this watch truthfully. It is not rugged. It is not a Garmin or any other fitness/adventure watch competitor. It is very delicate and they need to reinforce upon opening the box that this watch has a water lock that MUST be turned on when swimming. And also that if the watch leaks even when never being submersed beyond 2 or 3 feet under water and beyond 30 minutes of swimming that you will void your warranty. Absolutely horrible!!! 

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