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Unable to get the watch to pair to the wearables app after updating to beta

(Topic created: 06-11-2023 09:57 PM)
Cosmic Ray

Where is the beta forum?  I have installed the beta and have all sorts of issues and have no support channel to go to help resolve them.  The wearable app will not sync with my phone.  Stops at 80-90% and goes no further.  Support keeps telling me to factory reset my watch but then I have no way to see my backups.  I checked the samsung cloud and only see the phone backup.  When I look in the watch itself it says no backups possible.  I have no way to backup the watch now as it wants to use the wear app on the phone and I can't get that to sync and start working again.  Cleared cache.  Uninstalled and reinstalled wear app.  Reboot phone and watch.


At a loss for what to do now.  Samsung support is worthless and keeps telling me my watch is out of warranty and I have to pay for help.  Then they try and sell me a galaxy watch 5.

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