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Issues I've come across with beta

(Topic created: 06-13-2024 03:29 PM)
Cosmic Ray

I have already reported these via the Contact Us/Error report. Just thought I'd share it here too:

1. Google Messages does not open and force closes upon opening the app on my watch. Notifications come in fine and can respond to them
*Seems like everyone is having this issue

2. Cannot seem to change the ringtone sound from the Sounds and vibration-Ringtones menu. It just backs out to the main Settings page. I can change the ringtone from the Wearble app and the ringtone preview will play on the watch when selecting a different ringtone. It doesn't seem to work for custom added ringtones. The preview will play but when I initiate a test call and have the ringtone set to a custom one, there is no audible alert.

3. The contacts tile where you can select up to 4 contacts doesn't allow me to rearrange the contacts in my preferred order. Contacts are added to tile and sorted alphabetically. This was possible prior to the beta.

4. Some watchface apps use the "Create an alarm" permission for hourly chime etc. I specifically use the 'Marine Captain' watch face and when I try to turn on the hourly chime option I get a toast message stating the 'Create an alarm' permission needs to be enabled and it takes me to the app's permission settings page. The permission seems to be absent in this beta. Can confirm working prio to beta. I have another watch not on the beta and it works fine.

Aside from these issues the beta seems very smooth. I did have to factory reset because of the bootloops but after doing so running nicely. 

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Beta Moderator

Hello @escenkay ,

Thank you very much for reporting the issue to us. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.

1) We are well aware of Rebooting issue and working on the fix. 

2,3) Suggestions for Customizable ringtones and arranging contacts have been communicated with the developers and are under review. 

4) During Beta program, certain software (Such as Marine Captain watch face app) may not work due to Google certification issues. 

One UI Beta Team

Cosmic Ray

#1 wasn't the rebooting issue, it's an issue with Google Messages not working. Any idea of an ETA for a fix?