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One UI Watch 5 Beta: 1 month later

(Topic created: 07-24-2023 08:41 AM)

I've been using the One UI Watch 5 Beta software on my Watch4 for over a month now, and here is what I have to say.

Some of the bugs that I have listed in my previous post have been improved, such as the brightness quick panel animation, but there are still some bugs that I would hope to be fixed when the stable release comes out soon.

  • Battery usage still needs improvement
  • Watch is very sluggish on startup
  • Slow startup time
  • Lag when using back swipe gesture
  • Lag when pulling down the quick panel
  • Lag when scrolling through tiles
  • Double haptic feedback glitch, usually in the apps menu
  • Other glitches with haptic feedback and vibrations
  • Some apps take a long time to load
  • Slow and laggy animations
  • Touch bezel scrolling animation glitches for some pages
  • Lag when pressing the home button
  • Lag when opening recent apps menu
  • Lag when scrolling
  • Random stutters when using watch
  • Answering a call on the watch will make the audio output on the phone instead of the watch
  • Camera Controller app takes a long time to connect to phone
  • Animation frame skipping
  • Swipe gestures sometimes don't work
  • Lag when opening an app
  • Some apps have a splash screen, but the settings app doesn't, which feels sort of inconsistent

There is also this weird bug where whenever the Google Maps app updates, it shows an orange dot in the tiles menu, indicating that a new tile was added by Maps, but no new tile was ever added. This shows up every time the app updates. I'm not sure if this is on Google's end or not, but it would be nice if that were to be fixed as well, it's kind of annoying.

Throughout each beta build, I've been seeing some incremental improvements. One of the changes I've heard is being able to link your watch to a different phone without having to factory reset the watch. This one was long overdue, but I'm glad to see it. I haven't tested it out myself, but I've noticed some reports of it being buggy and not working, though, so if they could fix that then that would be perfect.

I love new features in software updates, but optimization is also important. I'd like the software to be smooth and stable. I'd also like the animations in the software to be smooth and fluid. Here's hoping for the stable release to be perfect!

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Red Giant

The current beta 3 seems to be the best of the bunch.

1 and 2 the watch was so glitchy and laggy. Beta 3 seems better yet with lots of room for improvement as you mention. 

Beta Moderator

Thank you for your Feedback. We appreciate your contribution to the Beta community.

One UI Beta Team