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OneUI 5 Beta Bugs..

(Topic created: 06-18-2023 06:01 AM)
Cosmic Ray

This has probably been mentioned before but I couldn't find it.  2 annoying bugs I've found on the OneUI 5 beta for my Galaxy Watch 5 Pro.

1.  Battery information (% remaining) and Battery Health check don't work when checking it through the Wearable App on your phone.

2.  This is the big one.  The new feature where you can transfer the watch to a new phone WITHOUT having to reset it doesn't appear to be working at all, for anyone.  I've tried transferring to 2 different phones.  Both the other phones had the wearable app and the watch 5 plugin app installed and the transfer fails every time.  I probably tried 20 times.  In addition, there's a thread on reddit about this and nobody has successfully been able to complete this process so I suspect it just isn't functional in this beta yet.

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