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Questions regarding privacy.

(Topic created: 09-26-2023 07:25 AM)
So I have a question for you Samsung.. It has become quite apparent lately that when I'm searching for stuff online using your browser, the Samsung browser built into the phone that you are allowing apps to track everything I do in order to advertise stuff to me because last night I typed something into your browser to search for a spray gun tip for my painting system and I only visited one website and then this morning I woke up to a notification from the PayPal app (the literal PayPal app) on my phone saying that if I buy something from the website that I visited that I can get a discount, my problem is I want to know how an app that has to do with banking of all apps is capable of seeing what I am searching for, the websites I visit and then advertise to me like that?! Is my privacy not of any concern anymore? Also I would like to know what QUALTRICS FEEDBACK REQUESTS is in the PayPal app but since you're not PayPal you can't answer that question I assume? Why is it that the Samsung browser is allowing this to happen even after I turned tracking and everything off?? I'm getting rather upset that my personal information is no longer personal and I know this has been going on for a while the problem is it's getting worse and worse with each new phone/ update! Is there some way to block this or what?!


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You can't really turn off all tracking and data mining. Besides the phone tracking and mining everything you do every app you have installed is doing the same. The majority of settings aren't accessible to the user to even know what these devices and apps are doing. You consent to this when you agree to every privacy and terms of service. This is the main reason third party ROM's and rooting are still desirable.