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The beta has closed.

(Topic created: 08-30-2023 07:05 PM)

When I was on the app I saw that you can't join the beta anymore. My conclusion is that it's coming next month. Since all beta moderators are gone, there will be no suggestions. But your still able to discuss on probably a main topic called, when the heck is this beta is going to close. What also sucks is that I have to go to the website to see all my notifications and activity. It just gives me a error message.

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Well, I've  seen some things that align with that. From an easy to verify standpoint, has anyone seen a recent beta moderator comment, post, or reply? There hasn't been one in about 3 weeks. The article link I posted a few days ago contained "leaked documents" which included an excerpt that intimated that Samsung would release the stable Wear OS4 firmware for Watch5 and Watch4 during week 35. Week 35 is this week.  Friday is next month (September 1).

I jumped into the beta by installing the first 3 beta releases all at once. I seem to remember that betas 4 & 5 were released on either a Thursday or a Friday (I can't remember for sure what the exact day was), so maybe we'll get lucky tomorrow or Friday.