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Microphone/bluetooth issues.

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I have sent 3 very detailed error reports with only 1 suggesting anything that might remedy this situation, another one of them told me to provide proof it was doing it before they will look into it, and the last hasn't been responded to. The exact timing the error started was with the One ui 5.0 major update in December or January. Ever since then if Bluetooth is connected and the microphone is accessed via any app then the Bluetooth device loses all sound and sound started coming from phone speakers. For example when driving and receiving a call the ringing will play through car speakers but the instant you answer a green dot with a microphone pops up on top of the screen and it says phone app using microphone and the sound stops coming from car and goes to speaker phone. Another example? Sure, when playing a game with Bluetooth headphones everything works great. Until you turn the microphone on and start to voice chat. A little green microphone pops up and says wild rift(app name) is using the microphone. Then all sound comes from phone but the second you mute/turn off the microphone it starts working and headphones work fine again. It is getting absolutely ridiculous because it has been nearly half a year, and all they can suggest is "restart phone", "clear cache", "unpair all devices and reconnect", which is an insult to my intelligence after I give such a detailed description. Like I didn't do all that plus some before I even tried them. My mom's Zfold phone does the same thing, my friends note 20 ultra, my phone it's the Note 20 5g and they all do it. Then when you go to the community page and read some of these pay attention to how many are microphone/Bluetooth audio issues and tell me why nothing has been done about it for 6 months. The last non samsung phone i owned was an iPhone 6 plus and I have always been adamant about samsung phones but I'll tell you what I probably will never buy another one and I will tell everyone how bad it has become. If it doesn't get fixed soon then I'm just exhausted by this whole process. Can anyone suggest anything other than basic steps please? 

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