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Screen Blackout

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I have a note 20 ultra a few months ago in Jun my screen suddenly blacked out.  I access to everything except a display.  I had my phone set up with my computer  widows app "your phone" so I plugged in and keep touching the screen till I hit the yes it's okay button for my phone and computer to connect.  I was able to save all my files and pictures.  I went to the cell store told them the issue they didn't know what to do.  I opened a ticket with Samsung since the phone was under warranty.  mailed the phone off less than a week the phone was returned with note stating there was nothing wrong with the phone and no repairs was needed.  I powered up the phone sure enough the screen worked great until 2 days ago when the same exact issue took place.  I went through all my steps to ensure I had my stuff saved and chatted with a Samsung rep about the issue she found my old ticket and opened a new ticket which I have yet to call the number she gave me.  My phone just went out of warranty Sept 26th, convenient right?  I have seen on the community board and through internet research this is not an unknow problem so why can they not tell me the issue and how to solve it?  If anyone has an answer please share this is undoubtedly a defect with  Samsung phones and possibly firmware.  I really need to be able to reset it back to factory settings as this seems to have worked for some people but I have lost connection with my computer and the screen is blacked out so now I have no visual to preform the task.  Is there another way to do this and anyone know the root of this issue.


thank you

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I would suggest contacting one of the 2 links below to get your phone checked out to see what could be causing the problem that you are have


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I just had this same problem with my screen going black on my galaxy note 20 ultra a couple of days ago. Luckily the phone screen came back on just as I was going to take it to ubreakifix. My phone too was just out of warranty. After Googleling the issue, I did numerous hard resets and connected it to my computer twice and it finally came on after being out for an entire day. When it came on the screen was still flickering some and I let the battery drain completely and when I turned the phone on again, it was fixed completely. Good luck, I know how frustrating it is. I am glad my phone came back on so that I could back up my data