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One UI 6 - Separate app sound for Google Voice Assistant no longer working?

(Topic created: 11-02-2023 07:51 AM)

I used to have a routine where the Google app would play sound through the phone speaker whenever the phone was connected to my car audio. This way, I could also use Google Assistant while my car was playing normal radio and thus not sending bluetooth audio to the car speakers.

After the update to One UI 6, this doesn't seem to work any more. Also, I noticed that Google Assistant is showing up in the volume panel with the Bixby icon, so I added a setting to the routine (or rather, I'm using a mode now, since this has the same capabilities in UI 6) to set the Bixby volume to 100% when connected to my car, but then again, the audio keeps being sent to my car instead of the phone speaker.

And today it got even stranger: when I asked Google Assistant to read my last messages to me, it first started with the generic message "you have one new message" playing through the car speakers, then read the message out loud through the phone speaker, and then asking if I wanted to reply via the car speakers...

I would like to get back the possibility to get all the Google Assistant audio played through the phone speaker, since I'm usually not able to route the phone audio to my car bluetooth...

Someone has some advice for me to get it up and running again?

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