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Samsung A52 is slow

(Topic created: 07-26-2023 09:43 AM)

What should I do if my Samsung a52 is really slow?

I have a relatively new Samsung a52 (it's not older than a year) but it's ridiculously slow. It takes up to 10 seconds to turn on the camera app which is crucial in A LOT of situations. Just day-to-day use makes me furious with how slow and stupid the phone is! The storage is half empty, I don't have a lot of unused app or something. I simply use it like I've been using all of my previous phones and I've never had those problems before. This phone was actually quite pricey so I didn't expect it to be this slow to the point I want to throw it to the wall (and I don't even have anger issues!). 


My biggest problem is how slow the phone responds. There's delay to practically everything I do. For example: swiping to the status bar takes a few seconds and is visibly slower than it should be. I swipe, take my finger away and only after that the status bar opens. And it opens laggy, like if you have a slideshows instead of animation for opening it. 

Navigation is killing me as well. I don't use buttons, I use swipes instead. We're not gonna talk that they are completely unsuitable for using in some app because the UI of some apps requires similar gestures which makes the Samsung gestures respond as well. We're gonna talk that it can take up to 10 seconds to leave an app. For example, I use tiktok and if I want to leave it, I swipe and I have TO WAIT until it closes! 

The other problem is with how apps respond in general. I have set the battery usage for "unrestricted" option for the apps I use daily and go across them a lot. For example, I use telegram, I text someone there and I need to got to WhatsApp to answer my mother. It takes a lot of time to do and I always have to see the logos of the apps I go to, even if I allowed them to run in the background and made the option for battery use "unrestricted" for them. This makes a lot of simple operation basically impossible. For example, I need to log in in an account in some app and I need to check my email to get the verification code. Bit as soon as I go to the Gmail app, the initial app where I'm trying to log in CLOSES and I need to ask for a verification code again then leave to email app and this way the cycle continues. It requires to use pc to simply log in into ANY account which is really bad.

I'm really disappointed with the experience of this phone and I can't wait to trade it for Huawei or Honor or Meizu. Had all of them and I've never stepped across problems like I've discribed because AGAIN the phone was relatively expensive. And I'm not talking about numerous little bugs like the volume turning down on itself.  I hate this phone and I have never been this frustrated over a smartphone. 

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Thank you for your feedback.

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