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Ever since I withdrew from the beta program and factory reset my device , I haven't been able to use GPay or Cashapp. I keep getting error... View Post

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Anyone know what happened to the remaster option in the gallery. It disappeared after the last update! Why??? I really liked that feature. Galaxy S23... View Post

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This morning (12/09/23)my Galaxy s23ultra basically stopped working. It is as if I am not able to interact with the touch screen. I can swipe down and... View Post


I am going to try and use DEX and factory reset my phone. I will update and see if that works. View Post

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I've had to reset my phone twice in the past 3 days from an error that one ui stopped working properly and then it would no longer let me select... View Post


EDIT: TEMPORARY FIX FOUNDDeX was the key all along! I was able to navigate to the OneUI Home app set... View Post

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The new update is seriously one of the ugliest I've seen. They changed the font, keyboard, emojis and the pull down for notifications. Before it... View Post


How do you get the new One UI update? Because I'm still in the beta... View Post