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1Add One UI 5 features requested

(Topic created: 08-08-2022 03:34 AM)

These are the features that I just want to be on One UI 5

1.  More better blur effect on every galaxy models not just on the expensive models

2.  We want a new media player that looks just like the media player from the stock android 13 just a little bit more Samsung style so it can be colorful and not boring with just black and white 

3. Smoother animations and no more lagging with better gestures 

4. Faster and smoother animation when opening the camera app from the lock screen and also faster when taking photos so it can capture multiple photos and also smoother when opening the photo from the camera app

5. Add the expert RAW right into the camera app just by pressing the icon on the top

6. Add photos right into shared albums from the camera app like on ios16

7. Samsung's own UI/UX of Android Auto

8. Faster quick share

9. Rename things so they can be cooler like from quick share to "flash".....

10. Choices for vertical and horizontal app drawer

11.  Revamp Samsung cloud, not rely on onedrive

12. Next generation UI/UX because the UI we have is kinda for years 

13. Improve Samsung wallet to compete with google wallet

14. Make the native apps more colorful and more features 

15. Better in-app camera and app optimization please, make collaboration. Like capcut, the preview and the video do not look smooth as they do on ios.

16. Integrate the video app into the gallery app so it can be smoother to experience as a whole when opening a video. Not revert back to the gallery app when finishing a video

17. Color palette on every app icons

18. Self-picked color pallet and rank like how many times this color appeared...

19. Better widget animations

20. Better weather app with hourly - days forecast, special warning on top, air quality, temperature/air quality/rain/UV/precipitation map, UV index, sunset sunrise map, wind direction, rainfall, humidity, feels like ...., barometric pressure and visibility all with the animated backgrounds that based on weather conditions that look real like on ios from top to bottom of the app

21. Please add a blur effect, not a transparent effect on the lock screen notifications, and when clicking into the icons trays it will expand every individual notification so I can swipe instead of opening it the notifications shade

22. More lock screen customization (like on ios16) with widgets, 3d effect, style, creative lock screen, 3d, and the ability to change clock and text sizes

23. Live notifications to track orders, match scores, uber drive, health,  and so much more

24. Samsung's own developer API

25. Translate text, and exchange currency right in the camera app without taking a photo

26. Blur menu and sound menu on every galaxy models, not just the expensive models

27.  Exynos chip optimization

28. Screen optimization 120hz

29. Smart wallpaper depends on the weather, time, battery, and location......

30. Better portrait photos and videos

 31. Hold a thing and open another app to drop, fluent drag and drop 

32. Better Samsung wallet card 

33. MST and NFC on Samsung pay

34. More privacy features

35. Native app lock

36. Use more haptics

38. Long exposure mode, live-motion photos  in the camera app also better hdr photos and 

39. Use the native messages app because you guys seem to not have control over the google messages app. Add undo-edit-react messages features

40. More edit features in the gallery app for both photos and videos

41. Please add the feature to edit videos just like editing the photos

42. Translate, get text, exchange currency right in the camera and gallery app with photos and 

43.  Navigation and status bar immerse with the screen and have the ability to change color to fit the space when to be black or white, for example in google photos when swiping up or the Facebook stories.

44. Better keyboard dictation

45. Samsung keyboard customization

46. Smaller bezels for pop-up app

47. Shazam music recognition

48. Options for two lines of quick settings and the ability to swipe quick settings toggles 

49. Options to dim the wallpaper and app icons in dark mode

50. Live caption in calls and videos 

51. Battery widget

52. Custom text stickers and emojis kitchen

53. Faster emojis update because like the emojis we have from apple, google, and Facebook for months and Samsung does not even have it even in the time that I'm posting this

54. Live translate for buds and phone

55. Better designed and featured smart things 

56. Samsung pay later and cash back

57.  Lock folder in photos app

58. Better search to match spotlight 

59. Smarthings toggles in quick settings

60. More focus mode like on ios

61. Customizable Samsung internet home screen - change Samsung internet name

62. Shortcuts app

63. Track orders in the wallet app

64. Send car key, house key, and hotel key through messages and quick share

65. More advanced calendar features

66. Samsung internet's new video player UI

67. Open more apps in Samsung dex

68. Dex app smaller bezels

69. New Quick Note design

70. New blacken out text design because the old design of google looks so outdated

71. Better animations of all kinds

72. Use the Samsung style menu instead of google stock menu

73. Integrate more color palette elements 

74. See wifi passwords and send them by quick share and messages

75. Add location to privacy along with camera microphone

76. More useful eath widget and features

77. More advanced family sharing with parental control and collaboration in apps like Samsung notes or shared tab and tab groups in Samsung internet or some google and microsoft apps that are optimized for samsung devices

78. Remind me to take meds and vitamin in health app

79. Useful features to save lives just like the apple watch

80. More helpful game booster and game launcher app: call with friends while playing games, better dashboard and game information

81. Redesign the notifications pop up and add multiple layers of notification instead of showing as a whole  

82. Integrated goodlock models to the software instead of being an app would be a much more fluent experience

83. Faster screenshot animations and a better-looking screenshot preview in the corner and no menu appear and if there is a menu, it would appear as fast as in the pixel stock android

84. 6 icons in quick settings and i wish that the quick settings can have two lines and can be swiped to left and 

85. When there is multiple messages from the messaging app in the notifications shade, hope that there is a redesign because now the messages are just stacking on each others and it just so annoying, hard to read and ugly

86. Live text in videos. Text is interactive in paused video frames to copy and paste, lookup, and translate, convert currency. Works in photos, videos, samsung internet, notes and more.....

87.  Quick actions that detect data right in in the camera app without taking pictures or videos is actionable with a single tap. Track flights or shipments, translate foreign languages, convert currencies, and more.

88. Astronomy photo mode

89. Bubbles for every messaging apps, now it's android 13 and the feature is from android 11 and now it is not even being optimized

90. Navigation and status bar immerse with the screen, not being a separate part 

91. Use samsung permission dialogue instead of google stock one

92. Richer features built into notes to compete with good notes and notability

93. More advanced features on health app and galaxy watch

94. Design new icons to add into the overflow menu

95. Easier to see active apps and easier to see privacy: camera, microphone and location permission in the quick settings menu

96. Handle better notifications when they're multiple notifications stacking on each other so it can be easier to read

97. Missed call icon is red on the notification shade please

98. Notifications on the lock screen should be blur not transperant 

99. Bring more colors into native apps especially calendar and health, bring more health graphics into health app

100. Small calander widgets and more beautiful health and weather widget like on ios

101. Share less information about the fold so others company can not copy

102. Tablet and fold multitasking apps immerse with the status bar

103. Please the Tik Tok app for large screen not always show the comments

104. Family sharing in the health app to check the health of children and seniors in the family

105. Bring back the classic watch 

106. Options to have the taskbar on the large 

107. Smartthings widget to view multiple security cameras in a big widget

108. Health app can incorporate data from other third-party apps with in app design to fit the whole app design

109. No notifications toogle in quick settings

110. Change the gallery icon, the red flower on the white background look ridicilous


















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11 Replies
I think you need a new phone if you have that many requests. Lol Jk

I am currently using the s22+ 🙃






120hz is on the s22 ultra

"Good lock" covers most of your customization request, baking it into the system would require a system update every time they change something (like iOS sending out a software update because of a facetime bug)

Samsung modified Google messages, that's why there's the "one hand" main page and "text on Galaxy devices"

MST is hardware so they would have to re-add it to the s23

It's currently rumored they will drop the Exynos chip

I know but 120hz on galaxy does not look as smooth as it is on iphone meaning that samsung needs more optimization on this.

Good lock is not available everywhere and it would obviously be better for us if the features are packed right into One UI

Even if Samsung modified Google messages, they do not have the full control of the app so it would be harder if they want to make any change and it will be harder for the app to fit in with the samsung ecosystem









Why not just use Samsung Messages. For me I find the link sharing more usable as google messages downgrading photo by a tonnnnnn. Though I wish that LinkSharing was more friendly as it only works mostly using Samsung Internet and is not friendly if you want to send it to an iPhone user for them to download and then it just doesnt show up in their Photos(more of an ios issue).
A bit too much. On #1 I think it would make sense if only the Samsung models who still haver updates would get these updates as opposed to every galaxy models even the outdated ones.
120Hz is dependent on the display. Samsung probably has only made it so the S22 Ultra has 120Hz support but the S22 and S22+ only go to 90. This isn't a thing that can be changed in a update unless they do support 120Hz. This is a manufacturing thing.
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Thank you very much for your suggestion. Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept. We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.



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I will add new feature requests over time hope you guys will also review the updated requests