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Bluetooth Tethering

(Topic created: 10-16-2022 11:17 PM)
I noticed the Bluetooth Tethering has returned for Android 13, hopefully it stays for the stable release. It was introduced with Android 9, it didn't seem to get much traction or popularity because Samsung users just used Mobile Hotspot to share internet connection. Bluetooth technology and connectivity is getting better every year. And the Bluetooth Tethering is actually a lot faster on the S22 trio and S21 trio versus when I tried it on my S10+ in 2019. I have to say the Mobile Hotspot has a lot more options for connection settings, privacy, security, and faster connection speeds. Still though, I do think Bluetooth Tethering shouldn't be forgotten like it was to Android 9's successor, Android 10 aka Android Q. Give it chance for One UI 5. After all, it was introduced with One UI 1.0.
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