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Camera/Video Quality

(Topic created: 09-15-2022 07:52 AM)
The Galaxy S22 Ultra has great camera and video quality I must state first and foremost.  

Now that's out the way, as everyone knows, S22U users have a 108MP camera. My question is, are we really getting all that we can out of this hardware & technology that we have? 

What do I mean? When comparing with the competition, what can our devices be better at?

Shutter Lag- I've noticed it takes a little longer for this device to take a shot than many of the competitiors. Is there anything that can be done to change that without sacrificing image quality?

Image Quality- Is there any way images can be more crisp while keeping natural colors and pulling out fine details. When taking photos, most people desire to just point, shoot and Wah Lah!! The perfect picture is the result. I believe that's a core to how we rate smartphone camera systems. 

From what I noticed, my device seems to struggle when capturing red images and images in low light. With red images, the colors are off and details are attenuated. In many low light situations, images, esp portraits, can really end up washed out. Other low light photos can come out to be a bit grainy. 

However, these things are easily fixed by the usage of three built in photo editor and a third party editor. 

Video Quality- Is there anything that can be done to better the motion tracking & focusing while in video? Focusing on objects can be a bit slower than other devices. Videos can also get a bit blurred of the subject is in motion. 

When using super steady mode, it's cropped and isn't able to record in 4k. 

Is there a way to improve on these things and are we at the point where we are getting all we can out of our 108MP camera system? 

What's your take?? As I mentioned, the S22U has a great system in place already. What can be done to improve? What are your experiences with your device? Feel free to comment & share. I'm looking forward to seeing what more this device is capable of. 😎

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