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Feature request for one ui 5.0

(Topic created: 07-19-2022 10:34 PM)
1. Smart wallpapers - Smart Wallpapers they change with the weather or location or time or even battery percentage!

2. Better camera features - portrait video 2.0

3. Portrait video 2.0 - Can we PLEASE get portrait video 2.0 it's so bad I hate portrait videos if you have 12 people in the frame it will focus on all of them. I think Apple has the best implementation of this! It focus on anything you tap on and it only focus on one person unless they are equal with each other! And please stop bluring the floor
(Also let us change focus after shooting portrait video)

4. Better hdr video - this needs no further explanation

5. 10X Portraits - look just trust me take a 10X photo and add a portrait effect it looks cool as freak.

6. Dolly zoom mode - it starts recording and you walk up but as you walk it zooms out and if your walking back!

7. motion photo effects - iPhone have had live photo effects for so long and I love them especially the loop and long exposure one.

8. Long exposure mode - the pixel has this mode where it makes motion blur on an item. I love that mode too.

9. Slow-mo on every lens - I'm just mad because I can't do macro slow-mo on the ultra-wide.

10. Undo/unsend/edit messages - I need this I know a few people with the ios 16 beta and the unsend stuff is kinda cool!

11. Fix the shutter lag issue - I would love for this to be fixed. 

12. Better gesture navigations - I'm tired of swiping up and the gesture don't work.

13. New Ui/Ux Designs - idk I feel like we have had the same ui since like one ui 1.

14. Smoother animations - I have heard that we are getting some faster animations but I do not care about that I want smoother animations im just gonna slow it down to 1.5 anyway.

15. New call screen - when I get a call I want a picture of that person to show not the same screen every time some one calls

16. Use the haptics - I know that yall ain't only put these high end haptics in these phones just for the keyboard, games, calls, and text! I'd like to see them more. 

Example when you turn the phone all the way up and the volume hit the top of the bar it vibrates towards the top and vice versa.

17. Black night mode on google messages

18. Cameras always open for quick launching.

19. Drag and drop. Please this one would help so much!

20. The thing you can do on ios 16 where you tap and hold on an object and take it out of the picture

21. Google lens integration with the gallery app.

22. Google call screening - the phone app has gotten boring and this would be a great feature to spice stuff back up.

23. Add more stuff to pen up maybe shapes and stuff

24. Lock screen presets

25. Change the size of the clock on the lock screen - you can only change the type right now

26. Weather wallpaper - cool thing from ios 16 and I love it.

27. 3d clock - the clock can move in front of and behind certain elements of your wallpaper!

28. Fine tune Portraits - you can draw around the parts you want portrait mode to get if it didn't get it the first time. 

29. Some light/dark wallpapers

30. Different text animations 
(On ios you can hold the send button and get a whole lot of full screen animations)

I will add more later!

(Edit: im back!)

31. Bixby - I would love to see a new Bixby UI maybe instead of the huge white square just to a really blurred transparent one!

Just some ui change that doesn't make a big white box!

Blue lights on the edge of the screen or something. Maybe a little blue light bar idk.

32. Better Bixby search - I asked Bixby something today expecting to be led to a web page but to my surprise she asked the calculator!

(BTW Im with the few people who actually like Bixby)

33. Camera Zoom - Transitions when zooming on the camera!

(Another edit)

34. Screen off/on animations - I wish we could get pixel-like screen on and screen off animations! And the always on display animations!

(Another edit again)

35. New notification shade - I'm not gonna lie but this has been the same for years. 
I wouldn't mind the one that the Pixel 6 Pro has

36. New lock screen notifications - it'll show icons for the app but when you tap one it'll expand into a full notification! Or you could swipe up like on ios 16!

37. Motion blur & action pan - like the Pixel 6 Pro

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Community Manager

Thank you for your interest in sharing your idea with Samsung. We appreciate your feedback and will tag it on the forum so that it will appear with other feedback, ideas, and requests. This will allow your post to be more easily found in the event that Samsung product groups are seeking outside feedback/requests/ideas regarding our products.

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Sounds like you should just get an iPhone! Lol but Samsung has motion effects, camera quick launch/short cut, and on your phones message app it has Google chat messages. But seriously why not just get you a (rotten):red_apple::mobile_phone: 😁
With the camera, I meant like start straight up instead of a black screen for a few seconds. And I have an I phone
You should do the updates cause all that sounds great
OMG thank you!
I'm trying to become a developer but there's way too much stuff I'd have to learn.

But, I definitely would have the best decisions/ideas