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Picture in picture won't double tap full screen

(Topic created: 07-06-2023 01:53 PM)

This feature is a joke now and to be honest dangerous to, i use Google maps all time when driving as there is no better satnav on the market, i was using my galaxy note 9 for years without any issues what so ever and then a few months ago i upgraded to a galaxy s23 ultra and the problem started. Not everyone is blessed with brand new fancy cars with built in everything, most of us are happy with cars we have so this feature is an absolute must to be honest for everybody, The problem I have is when I'm using my sat nav it's inevitable somebody will phone me which means my screen goes off the satnav and onto the call which I then have to swipe to answer, couldn't give a monkey's about the new law it's aload of garbage. Like I said not everybody is blessed with brand new cars that do all singing all dancing, so some of us don't have an option but to swipe to answer a call if the government don't like it tough there's nothing wrong with it as long as you're not sat there playing with your phone making texts ect, that is dangerous and bang out of order. So now the call ends and I'm left with this pathetic little screen with the sat nav in it at the bottom right corner, so now I double tap on the screen and it does nothing I tap it once and it goes half the size again, now we have to fiddle about looking at the screen trying to find the little expanding arrows in the right corner of the small screen to make the sat nav bigger, what **bleep** come up with this idea needs sacking plain and simple, this is so dangerous and stupid. Such a simple thing that people rely on and Samsung and Google think it's fine to take things away, there's an old saying that these companies need to listen to and learn by, and that saying is if it ain't broke don't fix it and in this case stop fixing something that's not broken, this feature obviously needs to be put back double tap to make picture in picture full size it's a simple thing, now come on guys get it done because this is dangerous and theres literally thousands of people complaining about this, I have even gone through all the stupid settings that people suggest doing by cleaning out the cache and cleaning out this that and the other and it does absolutely nothing I've even gone to the extreme of completely factory resetting my phone and starting again which with the amount of stuff on my phone takes 3 hours to do and I am never doing it again it is not the phone that's at fault it is either the Samsung software itself or it is a Google problem but going by what I've seen online it looking more and more like a Samsung software problem because other companies don't seem to have this issue.

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