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Routines still cannot toggle flashlight with side key

(Topic created: 10-06-2022 08:06 AM)
Red Giant
Bixby routines can either turn off or turn on the flashlight with double pressing/long pressing the side key, but not both because it does not function as a toggle but rather as two distinct on or off options, and because routines blocks the use of side key double press/long press from being used in multiple routines. I could set one option to each button style, but then I would lose camera quick launch. I can set flashlight as a toggle in the hardware key options under advanced settings, but then I again lose camera quick launch. Adding camera quick launching to routines almost helps, except routines can't bypass the lockscreen. With all the attention routines has been getting with this update I thought surely they would get something so basic right but here we are. 

This is ridiculous and I don't understand how such an obvious oversight has gone on for this long. Please, please PLEASE fix this. 
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Thank you very much for your suggestion.
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