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Sometimes it is smart to not listen to suggestions

(Topic created: 09-15-2023 09:22 AM)
There have been many suggestions in this board to bring back old features or to add new features, and while I agree that we should have that choice, there are smarter, more modern ways to implement many changes. 

One great example is the information panels in the quick settings, previously accessed by tapping the label on a quick setting. These were useful interfaces, though they were unintuitive to access. Why should tapping an icon or it's label give different results? 

Samsung has created a new Quick Panel with OneUI 6, and with it, they should redesign the information pane. And no, I do not mean reusing the existing ones and repackaging them into a differently shaped window (as is the current implementation as of OneUI Beta 3, very lazy) but a full redesign of this feature with the same love put into the quick panel itself. This should be accessed differently, in a more intuitive way. Maybe with a long press? Or some other input? I'm not a UI UX designer, but I at least know that the implementation in OneUI 5.1 is useful but illogical and unintuitive, and the implementation in OneUI 6 is mostly absent aside from edge cases where it is lazily implemented. 

Samsung can and should go beyond even what it's users suggest, use the ideas but implement them in smarter and more intuitive ways. 
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Thank you very much for your suggestion.
Your suggestion has been communicated to the developer and the development project manager is reviewing the content. After reviewing your suggestions, we will apply them to the official version if your proposal matches our concept.
We appreciate your contribution to the beta program.

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