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The distance with walking with a watch does not match that of reality

(Topic created: 07-25-2023 08:05 AM)
Cosmic Ray

When walking on a treadmill it can give you the exact distance you have gone because it knows the length of the belt and the speed of the belt and how fast you are traveling if or truly walking that time. 

I believe the Samsung watch does this through the number of steps it detects by the movement of the watch. However this is not accurate because people's legs may be different lengths even though that they're there height maybe the same. Somebody may have a longer torso, or longer legs. Perhaps the solution has something to do with measuring the inseam of the leg or measuring the stride length. However, this must be improved. There can be up to 40% error rate on the reality of what some are walking. For example the opposite can also be true somebody may have very long legs but a very short torso.

I'm not sure exactly how Samsung will fix this but it needs to as it's extremely inaccurate for many.





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Beta Moderator

Hello ,
Thank you for your feedback.

Please submit an error report  through the Samsung Members or Galaxy Wearable app on your device:

- To provide feedback or to report bugs or errors in the Beta software, select "Contact us > Error reports" in the Galaxy Wearable app.

Note: To ensure relevant log information is included in the error report, submit the report within 3 minutes of encountering the bug or error, and do not terminate (swipe away) the Samsung Members application until you are notified that the report has been sent. This can take up to 5 minutes.

- To provide UX or UI-related feedback, such as usability or feature suggestions, select "Beta community > Suggestions" in the Beta recruitment notice of Samsung Members app.

We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your contribution to the beta program.

One UI Beta Team