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Vertical App Drawer Scroll/Expert Video App

(Topic created: 10-18-2022 10:35 AM)
Maybe sometime in One Ui 5.1 or One Ui 6, I would love to see the vertical App drawer scroll option implemented as a stock option. The one in Good Lock is fine but when I swipe up to open the app drawer I can't swipe down to close it using that option. So maybe that will change. One last thing,we have Expert RAW for extreme photography so why not have an app called Expert VIDEO for extreme 8K,4K,1080P and cinematic video recording across the entire camera system with gimbal like stabilization. 24 fps to 60 fps across the board. I think having something like that right beside Expert RAW would be a power house on galaxy phones. But these are just ideas for the future so maybe someday.
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