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Wearables Modes and Routines

(Topic created: 09-27-2023 12:21 PM)
Cosmic Ray
I would like Wearables to be integrated into Modes and Routines. In my sleep mode, it would be nice to have the option to put my watch into power saving mode and turn off the wifi, like my phone.

I also feel like AOD could be more useful. It could be more like the lock screen with detailed notifications and widgets. Iphone shows your Uber's status. If apps like Grubhub and GoPuff (I'm assuming that's up to them) ever make mini maps for the notification panel, that could be shown. It could have Google Maps shown when walking. I think the watch shows a map, but if someone doesn't have one... It could have a Smartthings remote. AOD has the potential to have a lot more use. Maybe the ability to read and reply to text messages if you verify your identity, but without needing to open your phone. 
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Yes! 100%
Asking for this as well. Don't need WiFi, GPS and the watch to be operating in high battery mode while sleeping. Mode/Routine need to be integrated.

Regarding AOD, also agree 👍
For Apple to just start using AOD and surpass Android in functionality and usefulness is deplorable! Resting on our laurels much, Samsung?

Let's go! 🤠
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